The various services provided by the shaman happens in an altered state of consciousness that is induced by rhythmic drumming at 3-7 beats per second. The services I provide do not involve medicinal plants. In a trance like state the shaman is able to enter non-ordinary reality to achieve healing for the client. The client is asked to lay down comfortably either on the floor or a sofa covered with a blanket while the shaman sits next to the client to do the healing work. Laying on the ground may give more connection to the grounding energies of mother earth. The client is asked to discuss their symptoms or ailments. Other than that the client is asked to stay open to the healing process. There is no touching except when the healing energies are blown into the heart and crown chakras. Sometimes singing, humming, or dancing is used to transfer energy to the client. Rattles are used to seal and break up energies inside the client. The shaman extracts obstructions and physically casts them out and away from the client. A typical healing session usually lasts from 20-30 minutes. Prolonged healing may be too much change for the client. Clients usually need some time to integrate the healing energies, especially when a lost soul or souls have been retrieved. It’s more effective to repeat 20-30 minute sessions a week apart rather than one long session.


Certain blockages in your energy field may need to be removed before positive energy can be introduced.

Soul Retrieval

All of us lose bits and pieces of our soul through our lifetime during times of stress or trauma or surgery.

Power Animal Retrieval

We are all born with guardians and angels that follow us throughout life to protect us.

Cleansing a space from misplaced energies or spirits

A shaman helps those stuck in this realm to cross to the next.


The shaman can help you find direction, or to help you make certain life choices.