Arcadia Alternative Health

I am a physician by trade, and find that there’s a need for both allopathic medicine as well as alternative ways of healing. Here, I focus on core shamanism, not western medicine. Shamanism is a supplement to your doctor’s recommendations.

The physician’s role in well being is very important. However, it does not address everything that is needed for a total sense of well being. I find a lot of satisfaction and joy in being a healer of modern allopathic medicine, and in the ancient ways of spiritual healing. It seems that my path to shamanism started from a personal journey through depression and anxiety, and culminating in chance meetings with Peruvian shamans both in the Amazons and in Los Angeles. For the past five years, I have been training through the Foundations of Shamanic Studies. It is a personal path that has both empowered me and humbled me at the wonders that life and spirit can offer.

Shamanism is an ancient practice that believes that physical ailments stem from spiritual causes. The shaman is a bridge that allows healing at the spiritual and energetic level of being.

Some common things that shamanism addresses is chronic fatigue, depression, listlessness, fatigue, anxiety. It addresses physical pain to bring about a sense of well being. Often after trauma, either physical or emotional, sexual, or after a major surgery or loss of organ, one doesn’t feel the same. There’s a loss of well being. Shamanism helps to return a client to feeling more themselves. Simply put, it brings happiness and a sense of joy that may seem to have been lost forever to the client.