Welcome to Arcadia Alternative Healer

Located in a private residence surrounded by trees, nature and the mountains, my home welcomes you to find balance and joy. I offer extractions, spiritual cleansing, space cleansing, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, and divination. For those not familiar with shamanism, the details of what is done to help you isn’t as important as how you feel right after the healing session. Experience it for yourself.. Some find instant changes and others find a more gradual improvement in their lives. As somebody who has walked through some of the challenges that life has to offer, I want to share my gifts with you to help you realize your own potential. If you have a positive experience, please share with your friends and family. For now, I only offer my services on the weekends as I am a full time physician in my day job , and I have a family to raise. Please refer to the calendar for openings and be respectful of appointments.

All profits go to the following charities:

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation – www.nationalpcf.org
Asian Pacific Aids Intervention Team – www.apaitonline.org
Colorectal Cancer Alliance – www.ccalliance.org


Certain blockages in your energy field may need to be removed before positive energy can be introduced.

Soul Retrieval

All of us lose bits and pieces of our soul through our lifetime during times of stress or trauma or surgery.

Power Animal Retrieval

We are all born with guardians and angels that follow us throughout life to protect us.